Best Mobile Plan For International Students

One of the most important things you need to consider before flying to the US is what phone plan is best suited for you. There are so many options to choose from, but what is the best mobile plan for international students?

Why do you need a mobile plan?

A mobile plan is vital for an easier life in the US as you don’t want to solely rely on school or public wifi. You should also be able to have internet access and the ability to call whenever and wherever you go in the country, especially in case of emergency. Moreover, it can help you fit into the new culture better as most people in the US contact each other via iMessage, which is available to users with a phone number.

Is a prepaid plan better than a postpaid plan?

To determine which of the two plans is best, you have to evaluate your personal needs. Prepaid plans are often cheaper and more flexible but they may offer a smaller amount of data, meanwhile postpaid plans are more expensive as they come with more perks. Generally, for international students, prepaid plans are much more preferred than postpaid plans because they were created for single-person use and not an entire family. It is also less of a commitment as it is cheaper, but it can still be difficult to pause or cancel the plan as you might lose your phone phone number after pausing your plan for multiple consecutive months. This can make traveling home during summer or winter break harder. However, Ellis Mobile is the solution to this issue. Ellis offers a prepaid mobile plan that was designed for international students. You can easily manage, pause, or cancel your phone plan without ever losing your phone number, whenever and wherever from the Ellis app. There are also many more perks and features that make Ellis the better option for international students. For example, unlike other service providers, you can get a FREE Ellis sim card shipped out to your home country before getting on your flight to the US.

What do you need to start a mobile plan?

To start a mobile plan, you will need to go to the provider’s website or physical store and select a plan that suits your needs. You’ll be asked for your basic information, such as your name, email address, and US address. Other than that, you will also need a US bank account, you can apply for one in 5 minutes with Ellis Money, to pay for your mobile plan subscription. 

If you want to get an Ellis Mobile phone plan then read ahead for instructions on how to get started or go to our website for more information!

What are your options?

There is a huge variety of mobile providers in the US; however, most of the plans either do not suit international students’ needs or are unnecessarily difficult to navigate. This is why we created a simple table that will help you compare your prepaid options:

Table comparison of various mobile plan providers
Table: comparison of various mobile plan providers

How to start an Ellis Mobile plan

  1. Download the Ellis app on your device (available in iOS and Android)
  2. Create an account on the app
  3. Select Ellis Money and input the sim card number (if you don’t have a sim card yet, you can request one!)
  4. Select the mobile plan that best suits your needs
  5. Activate the plan a few days before getting on your flight

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