How to Deal with Homesickness

Being away from home for an extended period of time can be really difficult as you may miss being around your family and friends or eating your favorite meal from your hometown restaurant, but you should know that this feeling is incredibly common, especially among international students. So, whether this is your first or tenth time away from home, here’s a quick guide on how to best deal with homesickness.

Normalize it

First of all, you should try to normalize it by accepting and reflecting on how you’re feeling as it is a natural response when moving to a new place. It can be difficult, but you need to let yourself feel all the wavering emotions. If you need to cry then let it all out. If you need to talk to someone, whether it be your family, friends, or a professional, then do so. It is absolutely normal to feel homesick.

Bring some home comforts

In anticipation of your college move, you should think about bringing a few things that remind you of happy memories at home. For example, you can bring your favorite plushie or a baby blanket to ease your homesickness. 

Call home (in moderation)

Calling home can be a great way to relieve your homesickness as you’ll feel closer to home by talking to your family or hometown friends. You can update people at home about what you’ve been up to and ask them about what’s been happening at home as well. That way, you won’t feel as lonely or as far away. However, calling home too often can also lead to more sadness due to the fear of missing out so make sure that you moderate yourself by not calling home every hour of the day.

Get busy and adjust to your new environment

Because you’re adjusting to a new environment, you should go out and experience as many things as possible! Try out some school clubs, grab dinner with new friends, and go for walks in the park. Please don’t lock yourself in your room or isolate yourself from other people, you should go out and meet as many people as possible during the beginning of the school year, especially before midterm week starts (trust us on this!)

Cook and eat your favorite home dish

Whether you already know how to cook or not, you should attempt some hometown recipes whenever you’re feeling down. Not only will you get a great meal out of it, it can also be a really fun activity and an opportunity for you to share your favorite dishes with your new friends!

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