How to Find the Best Apartments in New York City

The housing market in New York City (NYC) can be extremely overwhelming and stressful because of how fast it moves, but don’t let that discourage you from your apartment hunt as you will find the best results with the right timing and patience. Here’s some of our best advice for your next apartment search!

Start early

If you know ahead of time that you want to live in an apartment in NYC then you should start your search at least a month before moving there. Preferably, you’d start 2-3 months ahead of time as you never know how long it’ll take for you to find your dream apartment and it’s always best to start early due to how fast the market moves. 

Look on Streeteasy

Your first destination for finding an apartment in NYC should be StreetEasy. It is the go-to app for city dwellers as it is the most trustworthy and has the most comprehensive list of apartments. The platform always has a variety of rentals and even sales, listed with accurate prices, amenities, size, and location, to look at and you can easily contact the listing agent for more information or a tour of the apartment as well. 

Look on Zillow

Although its list is not as comprehensive or frequently updated as StreetEasy, Zillow can still be a valuable resource to finding apartments within specific areas. The platform’s interface shows all the available Zillow listings on a map so you can easily see and compare the location as well as price of different apartments.

Filter out options

While finding listings, you should filter out options that you definitely do not want, so that your list will feel more manageable. This means that you need to evaluate your maximum budget, location preferences, apartment size, and the type of amenities you want. During this process, really think about whether or not you need a specific thing or if it’s just a good add-on. Try to be as specific and realistic as possible. Once you know exactly what you want, you can use the filters available on the apartment-searching platforms to find the right places for you.

Look on OpenIgloo

Although it is a relatively new platform, OpenIgloo can be a great place to find anonymous reviews of apartments, landlords, and building management. This is a great source to go to before committing to an apartment as you will get a more holistic view of the place.

Ask around

Your friends, especially if they have lived in NYC for a while, can be a really good resource for finding a suitable apartment. They may know people living in the location that you’re interested in or have looked at apartment listings themselves. It’s definitely worth a shot to ask people that you know the city for their recommendations.

Talk to real estate agents

If you go to an open house or get a tour from the listing agent and you like their vibe or the kind of place that they’re showing then you should definitely ask them whether they have other listings. You can get lots of information from a real estate agent and they might even show you available apartments that aren’t listed online yet.

Take a look at management companies

Another way of finding apartments is by looking at building management companies’ properties. If you already know about a specific management company and like their apartment styles then this might be a good way to find your most suitable selection.

Don’t get discouraged

Finding an apartment in NYC can be a difficult and draining task, but that doesn’t mean that you should stop searching. Although it might take some time before you find the right place for you (and your roommates), we promise that it’ll be worth the wait!

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