The Most Underrated Dorm Hacks

Living away from home can be difficult at times, but it’s the first step toward adulthood and you will definitely learn to love the independence that comes from living on your own. Although living in a college dorm is one of the best ways to get acclimated to your newfound independence, it can also come with its own challenges. With that being said, here are some tips and tricks (with shoppable links) on how to get the most out of your dorming experience!

Increase storage with bed risers

One of the most crucial things you should do, especially if you have large suitcases or boxes that you can’t throw away, is to get bed risers. With someone’s help, you can put the little blocks under your bed’s legs to add height, giving you extra storage space underneath the bed. 

Pro tip: you can also get a loft conversion kit to make your dorm bed even higher, like a loft bed, and put a couch, mini fridge, and monitor or TV underneath it to turn it into your very own mini lounge.

Get a shower caddy and shoes for shared bathrooms

If you’re sharing bathrooms in the dorm then the most essential things that you should get are a shower caddy and shower shoes. A shower caddy can be used to hold and transport all of your shower items, like shower gel, shampoo, conditioner, and facial cleanser. Most, if not all, shower caddies are waterproof so you won’t have to worry about getting it wet—just make sure to hang it dry after every shower. Moreover, shower shoes are crucial if you have to share bathrooms with other people on your floor. You have no idea what people are doing in the bathroom, so it’s best to keep your feet relatively clean with slippers that you can wear in the bathroom and shower.

Hang your shoes

A hangable shoe organizer is a major space saver—get one that can easily hang on your main door or closet door.

Get a wall mirror

Instead of having a standing full length mirror, you should get one that can be hung on your wall or door to save some space.

Use soda tabs or space-saving hangers and a hanging shelf for more closet space

If you’ve been drinking lots of canned soda then you can definitely save the metal tabs that you use to open the can for this little closet trick! Put the wire part of a hanger through one of the tab’s holes and then put the wire part of another hanger into the second hole. You can do this as many times as you want to. This will allow you to use up the vertical space available in the closet, and not just the horizontal closet bar. You can also buy a hangable closet organizer and put sweatshirts and accessories in—this will save you even more space.

Get a laundry bag

When you’re buying a laundry basket, think about where the laundry room or laundry drop off will be in relation to your room. If they are far away from each other, meaning that you have to walk across campus or up and down the stairs, then you should definitely buy a laundry backpack so that it’s easier for you to transport your laundry back and forth.

Get a bedside caddie

A bedside caddie can be incredibly useful, especially if you have lots of electronics, chargers, and adaptors. It can help keep your room organized and make essential items more accessible from your bed.

Get a lap desk or a backrest pillow for working in bed

Lap desks aren’t just for fancy breakfast in bed, it can also be useful for working in bed, especially if you don’t have as much space for work in your room. A backrest pillow is also great for sitting up and working in bed as it supports your back better than any other pillow.

Wear indoor slippers in your room

Other than shower slippers, you should also have a pair of slippers specifically for your room. This will help keep the floor clean for a longer period of time and also keep your feet cozy.

Get a Brita water filter

A Brita is so essential if you don’t already have filtered water in the dorm. It will filter out any gross particles and make your tap water drinkable. So you better get a Brita if your dorm does not have a water fountain or something similar.

Get an electric kettle

An electric kettle is so versatile, so if your school allows you to have one in your room then you should definitely get one. It’s great for making tea, coffee, and, most importantly, instant noodles.

Use mounting putty or command strips and hooks for decorations

Most dorm walls are painted with paint that can easily chip away, meaning that you can’t use adhesives that are permanent or simply too strong. Some options that most likely won’t damage your walls include mounting putty, command strips, and command hooks. Which option you choose should depend on the type of decoration that you want to put on the wall.

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